Plaster Repair

Our service offers more than just expertise when it comes to drywall. The repair service that we offer also includes expertise when it comes to plaster repair. Although plaster is probably less likely to require repair than drywall, given its increased durability, there are still some problems that you need to be on the lookout for. Plaster can be significantly weakened, and damaged, by water and cracks and holes can sometimes occur too. Whatever problem or damage you encounter, our repair team can provide the quick and effective solution you need to fix it.

Plaster Repair

The higher level of durability that plaster is famous for does help to decrease the amount of damage your plaster walls can experience. But it doesn’t mean problems will never occur. Plaster can sustain damage in a few different ways, even if it’s more uncommon. We are the drywall Wilmington NC service that provides plaster repair as part of what we do. We can help you deal with many of the common types of damage that your plaster walls can encounter, including everything from minor damage, such as cracks or holes, all the way to more serious damage, such as water damage.

Cracks and Holes

Plaster does have a higher durability compared with drywall, but this doesn’t mean it’s immune of experiencing minor damage likes cracks or holes. But it is far less likely to occur. Plaster can usually sustain minor knocks and bumps without any issues, but this can sometimes result in holes or similar minor damage. If there’s been such an accident in your home, our team can repair any holes that may have appeared. Cracks are usually something different. There’s a number of different factors that can contribute to cracks in your plaster. Occasionally, they can be the first sign that a more serious problem is starting to develop, including something like water damage. 

Water Damage

Like drywall, plaster can also be susceptible to experiencing water damage. Water can actually weaken your plaster walls, decreasing their durability and longevity. This can ultimately impact the overall value you get. Usually, the main culprit or contributing factor to water damage is a leaking pipe somewhere in the wall. Beyond the problems mentioned, water damage can sometimes even lead to further issues, like mold growth. Having water damage repaired right away can help you avoid any further issues and ensure that the value you get from your plaster walls isn’t compromised in any way.

Best Results

When repairing plaster or plaster work, it’s of real importance that you choose a team that has experience and really knows how to provide the best results. One of the main appeals of plaster is it’s aesthetic appeal, and this can really be ruined if you have your plaster repaired by a substandard team. Our team knows how to ensure that any repair work we do seamlessly matches the existing plaster work, so that the aesthetic quality is retained, which the result we know you want.