Drywall Taping

When you are looking to have new drywall installed it’s important to realize that the job isn’t simply complete once the drywall sheets have been installed or hung up. There’s more that’s required if you want to ensure that you get the best finished product. Part of this is having taping, and related finishing work, done. We are the drywall experts that specialize in drywall taping, and offer it as part of our service. This is an important step in the process for many reasons, and can even have the added benefit of improving the overall structural integrity of your new drywall too.

Drywall Taping

Drywall taping, or what’s also known as mudding, is an important part of the overall process when installing new drywall. Taping basically describes the process whereby a special tape, often fibreglass, is used to cover up the gaps between the various hanging drywall sheets that have been installed. This work is done in order to create a smooth and even finish, so the next stage of the process can be completed, but it can have other benefits also. We are the professional drywall taping contractors that provide the best results when doing taping or related finishing work.

Smooth and Seamless Finish

Taping, and finishing in general, is done with the aim of creating a smooth and seamless finish. As it covers all the gaps between various boards, making them virtually invisible, it leaves you with one smooth and even surface. This is a great way to improve overall aesthetic quality and ensure that your new drywall is ready to have further work done on it. In short, it’s really the only way to make sure that your new drywall has the aesthetic quality that you are looking for. Beyond this, taping the boards can also be a way to improve structural integrity as well.

Structural Support

Beyond providing your new drywall with a better aesthetic quality, taping, as part of the overall finishing process, can also be a great way to give your new drywall better structural support, and prevent certain kinds of damage from occurring. Taping can increase the bond between the various drywall sheets that have been installed. This helps to prevent any movement. This is beneficial because movement between the boards can actually result in damage such cracking. So, taping can prevent damage and save you money.

Ready for The Next Step

There’s a number of steps that are required if you want to get the best end product. This includes having taping and finishing done. Effective and proper taping and finishing is the only way to ensure that your new drywall is ready for the next step in the process, as it provides a smooth surface with which to work with. So, once your new drywall has been taped it’s then ready to be textured or painted. This way, you get the best result and end up with something that has the right level of aesthetic appeal.